Who we are

After years of managing multi-million dollar portfolios in large companies supporting the government services industry, Mr. Robert Akin, our Chief Executive Officer, conceptualized creating a company with more agile operations that emphasized employees and client care, first and foremost. As President, he developed improved business practices that focused attention on the client and employee instead of shareholders and stakeholder profits. He recognized that by shedding the layers of complexity and bureaucracy that plagued large businesses, CRC would be able to implement, empower, and sustain operations for government and commercial clients with this nimble focus in mind.

In 2009, our roots were based in providing professional advisors and contingency logistics solutions to clients throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Since then, we have expanded both geographically and operationally to become a global risk management firm, offering professional advisory services, contingency logistics, specialized military training, and construction management in 41 countries worldwide. Our service areas showcase the expertise of our senior leadership, who have a combined 100+ years of real-world experience and are recognized industry experts.

CRC remains committed to our founding value as a customer-centric company focused on innovative, out-of-the-box solutions, to help quickly solve our customers’ operational challenges. As we grow, we continue to operate with this value in mind, by empowering our employees to implement long-lasting, sustainable solutions for our government and commercial clients’ complex operational problems.