Leadership Team

CEO – Robert Akin, MBA, PMP

Robert Akin is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CRC. He directs CRC’s strategic vision and high-level operations to align with our motto, “Implement. Empower. Sustain.” Robert believes that CRC’s clients deserve a reliable and nimble partner who can implement a unique blend of services to mitigate the challenges our U.S. Government and commercial clients face in some of the toughest locations around the globe. CRC’s specialized services include contingency logistics, general construction and project management, professional advisory, and global security solutions that empower our clients to solve operational challenges and sustain business activities no matter the location.

Robert’s executive and operational leadership styles rely heavily on skills obtained throughout his 25 years of service in the United States Marine Corps infantry/reconnaissance communities as well as his positions with private sector companies including DynCorp International, AECOM Government Services, and Global Integrated Security.

Robert has a significant amount of experience working on the African continent. He was a key planner in the U.S. Department of State’s contribution to the African Union Mission in Somalia. He also led contracts supporting security sector reform, peacekeeping support, and training missions to various African partner nations including South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

His in-depth understanding of working in sub-Saharan Africa and the business acumen gained working in the global marketplace are responsible for CRC’s growth and success. In under 10 years, CRC has grown into a global company with operations spanning across 50+ countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Italy, Philippines, Afghanistan, Taiwan, India, and Saudi Arabia—all while maintaining a robust presence throughout the continent of Africa. His tenacious pursuit of CRC’s strategic goals continues to generate fiscal and geographic growth for the company and value for our clients including the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Defense and the Special Operations community.

COO – Tad Eckerle, PMP

Tad Eckerle, our Chief Operating Officer, syncs CRC’s strategic growth initiatives, internal operational strategies, and quality management standards to achieve our short- and long-term financial goals and operational objectives. He guides the business culture, focus, and direction needed to enact CRC’s corporate vision. Tad plays an integral role in driving, developing, and managing the operational and administrative processes which support CRC’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, Defense Contract Audit Agency, and Defense Contract Management Agency certifications. Tad applies the full scope of his corporate knowledge, US Government contracting experience, and customer portfolio management to bring continuity of operations, solve complex problems, and achieve corporate growth through deliberate and sustainable actions. He drives market development for CRC by creating significant top-line revenue growth by building the company’s portfolio to over 50 contracts and expanding our global presence. His focus on operational efficiencies is demonstrated by the substantial increase in CRC’s gross profit over the past 2 years. Tad is CRC’s cultural expert, and his unique global perspective and cross-cultural understanding is gleaned from more than 25 years of experience working in the Pacific, Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition, Tad’s experiences as a United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Team Leader and Master Training Specialist provide a solid foundation for his operational training and advisory insights as he continues to expand CRC’s contract diversity and global footprint. Tad’s passion for international culture, music, photography, and outdoor survival keeps him busy volunteering and teaching when he’s not spending time with his family, at a community church, or completing his Master’s in Islamic Studies.

CFO – Elleni Raney

Elleni Raney, our Chief Financial Officer, oversees all of CRC’s financial obligations and accounting processes to ensure contract compliance, adherence to quality management standards, and fiscal alignment with our strategic growth goals. Her financial guidance is the driving force behind much of the investment success and growth at CRC, using her experience gained as a former holder of Series 7 and 63 licenses to provide the vision for investment opportunities that benefit CRC. Elleni and her finance team ensure that all financial activities comply with independent auditor requirements and that our DCAA- and DCMA-approved accounting systems maintain their integrity. Elleni’s experiences at JP Morgan Chase allow her to focus her skills on financial oversight of our complex, multi-year contracts and retaining customer-centric processes throughout a contract’s fiscal life cycle. She relies on her experience as a former small business entrepreneur to manage the broad-spectrum financial expectations of our employees, customers, and vendors. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with triple majors in Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, and Finance from Baylor University. Elleni’s passion for strategic financial investments and compliance is equally matched by her passion for wildlife conservation, most notably in her native country of South Africa.

SVP, Global Security Division – Jay Tabb

Jay Tabb, Senior Vice President of our Global Security Division (GSD), employs real-world expertise gained through his 23-year FBI career and 7.5 years of service in the United States Marine Corps to provide customized security and resiliency solutions to our commercial and government clients. Under Jay’s leadership, GSD is rapidly growing into a successful division with multiple international clients. As the Executive Assistant Director of the FBI’s National Security Branch, his defense of the US and its allies from myriad threats provides a solid foundation to guide his comprehensive security solutions for our clients around the globe. He manages our customer contracts with the same diligence as when he managed an FBI workforce of over 8,000 personnel and a budget of over $330 million. His FBI duties as Special Agent in Charge of the Seattle Division and service as both an operator and Commander of the elite Hostage Rescue Team give him an insider’s view of the complex world of counterterrorism and counterintelligence and an appreciation for the need to enhance our clients’ physical security, personal protection, cyber security, and emergency preparedness postures. Jay’s honors for valor and heroism include the FBI Medal of Valor, two FBI Stars, the US Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service, and the Director of National Intelligence’s Exceptional Service Medal. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Texas A&M University and certificates from both Naval Post Graduate School and the George C. Marshall Center for European Studies.

Business Development Manager – Kevin Daly

Kevin Daly, our Business Development Manager, oversees CRC’s business development efforts to identify, align, and track potential opportunities that support our strategic growth goals. He plays a pivotal role in steering our capture management efforts toward opportunities that support CRC’s strong corporate past performance, current capabilities, and targeted growth plan. His efforts are directly responsible for the recent growth of CRC’s CONUS-based portfolio. While most of his efforts center around capture management, Kevin also acts as Manager of Special Programs, where his expert knowledge of the complexities of client management, government contracting, The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) allows him to provide maximum benefit to both the customer and CRC. Kevin’s management style is based on his 23 years of service in United States Marine Corps reconnaissance communities, Marine Corps Systems Command, and post-retirement positions at Lockheed Martin, where he acted as an acquisitions analyst for the PM Infantry Weapons, PM Optics and Non-Lethal, and as the Program Manager for PM Fires and PM Reconnaissance and Amphibious Raids. Kevin continues to leverage his professional network, contracting expertise, and streamlined management style to guide our focused and efficient capture, proposal, and client engagement teams.

DOS Program Manager – Russell Armstrong

Russell “Rusty” Armstrong, our Department of State (DOS) Program Manager, oversees CRC’s security cooperation programs in Africa, ensures partnership objectives are achieved by aligning resources to contractual requirements, and assists clients with identifying and shaping future strategic partnership opportunities. As a part of CRC’s Operations Division, Rusty combines his understanding of the challenges of defense institution building and transformation on the African continent with a breadth and depth of civilian and military international-relations experience to maximize the benefits of partnership programs for each host nation. He draws upon his operational, planning, and leadership experiences from his 30-year United States Air Force career in Europe, Asia, and Africa to identify and implement solutions to emerging partnership challenges while balancing the interests of a diverse group of program stakeholders. Rusty is a team builder who is committed to empowering our partners by providing timely and tailored support to CRC’s professional advisor cadre and operational support teams located throughout the African continent. He maintains a broad network of security cooperation professional contacts and routinely travels to the continent of Africa to stay well informed of relevant issues and sustain partnership success. Rusty holds a Bachelor of Science from the US Air Force Academy, an Master of Arts from Liberty University, and is a graduate of the Air War College and the NATO Defense College.