Specialized Military


CRC takes pride in our specialized military training. Our extensive network of instructors, trainers, and curriculum developers are carefully chosen and known for providing relevant and realistic training to elite organizations. We develop a thorough understanding of our client’s goals and implement long-lasting solutions. We empower our client to ensure those long-lasting solutions ripple throughout the organization to sustain their success in future endeavors. We work closely with our client throughout the entire process, ensuring everything from curriculum development to platform instruction to tactical training, exceeds expectations. CRC’s areas of expertise include:

  • Parachute HALO/HAHO Training
  • Advanced Freefall Parachute Training
  • Method of Entry Breaching
  • Dynamic Vehicle Driving
  • Special Operations Direct-Action High-Risk Training
  • Airframe Powerplant, Avionics, and Structures Maintenance
  • Basic and Advanced Skills Training
  • New Equipment Fielding and Training
  • Intelligence Operations Training and C4I
  • Martial Arts/Combatives
  • Advanced Marksmanship Training

CRC provides the training, personnel, and customized curriculum required for any strategic, operational, or tactical task.

High Risk Training

From armored vehicle driver training, close quarters battle, explosive, mechanical and thermal breaching, HALO/HAHO parachute training, and maritime/riverine operations CRC is no stranger to high-risk training. In conjunction with curriculum development, our team establishes processes and implements controls enabling us to manage risk from start to finish. This allows us to deliver relevant, realistic, risk-mitigated training resulting in the client’s mission success.

Highly Skilled Instructors

CRC hand-selects its instructors from an extensive pool of professionals and our well-established network around the world. They are thoroughly vetted and highly qualified, ensuring that both the student and client are successful. We select the right team of professionals for our client’s needs.

Courseware and Curriculum Development

CRC utilizes master trainers and certified curriculum developers to generate course curriculum in line with our clients’ needs, training styles, and experience levels.