& Construction Management

CRC’s lean management and global expertise guides execution of our construction management services. We deliver construction solutions including; construction and construction management; sound stage, hangar, sporting facilities, and bespoke construction; to meet your unique needs.

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Construction and Construction Management

CRC offers global construction and construction management solutions with over 11 years experience. For the US Government and commercial clients, since 2009, we have managed over $32 M in construction projects. From remote camps, expeditionary airfields, aircraft hangers, dining facilities, and other purpose-built facilities. This experience led to us building unique and purpose-built Sprung structures. Our team has successfully executed vertical and horizontal customer requirements overseeing design and build for facilities around the world.

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Purpose Built Structures

CRC offers unique and purpose-built facilities using proprietary methods to create structures to fulfill your needs. No matter the complexity, CRC delivers quality within budget and on-time.

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Sound Stage Construction

Teamed with Sprung Structures & Pacifica Ventures, we have developed and are building a unique one-of-a-kind sound stage system. Together, we bring the perfect blend of Sprung Innovation, Pacifica sound stage expertise, and CRC sound stage/structure construction engineering perfection. CRC offers this unique and purpose-built facility using proprietary methods to create sound stages and film sets. No matter the complexity, CRC delivers quality within budget at 60% of the normal cost of typical sound stage builds in less than half the time.