Case studies

Contingency Logistics

Client: DOD

Creative Solution to Dangerous Goods Shipment

CRC demonstrated a proof of concept for a DOD client and Special Operations Command-Pacific (SOCPAC) to move a dangerous good shipment in an exceptionally short time span. SOCPAC turned to CRC to assist with this project as a last resort – many other companies declined the opportunity or were unable to offer a viable solution as dangerous goods movement to the location was a difficult, near impossible task, without ingenuity in planning and connections to ensure safe delivery through challenging customs. CRC thrives in challenging environments through our global network of professionals skilled in contingency logistics. CRC provided ground and air transport to ensure the delivery of the shipment to the designated consignee in the shortest time possible and demonstrated the ability to clear customs, delivering the shipment to the training site in a rapid manner of less than eight days from receipt of Notice to Proceed.